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ABOUT US:   The Engineers' Club of Memphis, organized on May 8, 1914, is a nonsectarian, nonpolitical, and nonprofit society whose objectives and purposes are to promote the educational and professional improvement of its members, to advance the field of engineering in its several branches, to make available to the general public technical and scientific information and knowledge, and generally to aid in the solution of public questions involving engineering and scientific problems. In the furtherance of these goals, the Club strives through its various committees to develop and plan ongoing educational programs, seminars, symposiums, professional tours, and other technically oriented meetings, events and projects.

MISSION:   It is the mission of the Engineers' Club to promote the educational, social and professional advancement of its members; to assist community leaders, civic organizations and public agencies by providing advice on and giving support to issues which benefit the Memphis community and to acting as liaison between the Club's many affiliated societies.

MEETINGS:   Weekly luncheon meetings are currently held on Mondays at Christian Brothers University at Central and East Parkway starting at 11:30 AM in the Sabbatini Lounge of the Thomas Center across from the cafeteria. The meeting begins at 12:00 noon and the presentation begins at approximately 12:10.


For the near future meetings will be remotely presented via "Zoom" - Click the Sign in information below. Attendance is kept by the software and signed PDF certificates will be mailed to registered attendees.

Meeting ID: 867 4766 8132; Password: 340317 ; Call-in: (312) 626 6799

And for the near future meetings will continue to be remotely presented via Zoom. Sign in information will continue to be published here and by email. Attendance is kept by the software and signed PDF certificates will be mailed to registered attendees.

June 2020 Program Chairmen Paul Collins, P,E./ Dave Berretta, P.E.
June 1Becky Williamson, MLG&W Renewalble Energy Trends and Options for MLG&W Customers PDH
June 8George Aguilar of CLA-VALControl Valves 101 - Basic Applications and Operations and Applications PDH
June 15Jim West MLGWIntegrated Resources Plan PDH
June 22Mark McCord with Southeast CulvertsCMP Evolution and Resulting Perceptions PDH
June 23Board Meeting5:30 - via ZOOM
June 29Dan Moses & Danial Snyder - Project Engineer
Aircraft Maintenance Fed Ex Express Air Ops
FedEx Converts Data Analytics into Intelligence to Continuously Improve Aircraft Maintenance Operations PDH