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  Program Archive - 2017

Jan 2No MeetingNew Years Celebration (recovery)
Jan 9Sherra Russell-MLGW Supervisor of Land and Mapping
Robert Lowe
MLGW's Role in Shelby County Address Assignment and Utility Mapping (PDH)
Jan 16No MeetingDr. Martin Luther King Holiday
Jan 23Pres. Buxton and staffYear end report - State of the club
Jan 24Board Meeting6:00 pm Medallion Room at University of Memphis Holiday Inn
Jan 30John Daho
MLGW Data Security Officer
Data Security: Best Practices (PDH)
Feb 6Lisa Williams - Shelby County EngineeringShelby County Household Waste Program
Feb 13James Collins, PE - Doug Swett, PE
Improving Air Quality Now and Preparing for the Future PDH
Feb 22
Engineers Week Grand Luncheon
Memphis Area Joint Engineers Council
Speaker: Developer Henry Turley
Feb 25
Memphis Area Joint Engineers Council
Student Contest at Southwest
Judges will be needed from 9 AM to 12 Noon that day.
Feb 27Club Member Allen Cox, PE, DIPASeismic Pipeline Design with Ductile Iron Pipe PDH
Feb 28Board MeetingBoard Meeting at 5:30 PM in the Black & Veatch conference room at 3485 Poplar, Suite 230.
Mar 6Janet Boscarino - Clean MemphisFostering a Sustainable Memphis
Mar 13Scott Schoefernacker
Ground Water Institute
Memphis Aquifer PDH
Mar 20Chris Masin
Shelby County Engineering
Inspection by iPad PDH
Mar 27Club Member John Buxton, PE (R)Construction QA the FTA Way PDH
Mar 28Board MeetingBoard Meeting at 5:30 PM in the Black & Veatch conference room at 3485 Poplar, Suite 230.
Apr 3Joy Williams - City of Memphis Public Works
Solid Waste Management
There's Gold In Them Thar Hills: The Recycling Rush
Apr 10Shelli Brasher
Robotics Education & Competition Foundation
There's a New Game in Town! VEX Robotics! PDH
Apr 17Jonathan Flint, LEED AP - LRK
Jim Liles, P.E. LEED AP
St. Jude Expansion Design PDH
Apr 24Hal Cook and Bob ConradThe design and installation of the 24" natural gas pipeline from MLGW's Airways Gas Gate Station to the TVA Combined Cycle Plant. PDH
Apr 25Board MeetingBoard Meeting at 5:30 PM in the Black & Veatch conference room at 3485 Poplar, Suite 230.
May 1Dr. Joel Baumgardner
U of M Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Chitosan - a versatile biomaterial for dental/craniofacial and orthopaedic applications PDH
May 8Dr. Chrysanthe Preza
Prof. and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computational Imaging for Microscopy PDH
May 15Dr. Claudio Meier
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Cottonwood Trees' Influence on the Geomorphology of Gravel Bed Rivers PDH
May 16Board Meeting(with dinner) in the CBU Thomas Center Sabbatini Lounge which is adjacent to the cafeteria.
Gathering time is the regular 5:30 PM.
May 22Dr. Stephanie Ivey
Professor of Civil Engineering
and Associate Dean for Research
New Transportation STEM Academy at East High School
May 29No MeetingMemorial Day
June 5Robert Scoff, P.E.NEPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace PDH
June 12Luke Hall P.G.
Tioga Environmental Consultants
Arkansas Industrial Brownfield Site PDH
June 19Thomas Needham,P.E.Shelby County HUD Resiliency Improvements PDH
June 26Keith Cole, Exec. Dir
Wolf River Conservancy
Intro to the WRC and Wolf River Greenway Trail PDH
June 27Board Meetingat Black & Veatch Office
new location - 845 Crossover Lane Suite 120
July 3No MeetingFourth of July Eve
July 10Trenika Madden
Electrophysiology Technical Service Specialist
Abbott Laboratories
Electrical Concepts of Cardiac Pacing PDH
July 17Michael Daniels, P.E.
Manager - Corporate Estimating - VP Buildings
Pre-Engineered Building Systems
Seismic Limitations and Solutions PDH
July 24Stephen White, DPhil
Chair, Department of Structural Biology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Structure Based Drug Discovery PDH
July 31Wesley Goodnight
Exec. Dir - Project Manager, Engineering Services
EnSafe, Inc.
St. Jude Children's Hospital
Environmental Challenges During Ongoing Construction PDH
Aug 7Travis Stalans P.E. - MLGWMLGW Mallory Pumping Station Renovation PDH
Aug 14Susan FentressEffective IP Protection Without a Patent PDH
Aug 21Don Roberts P.E. - MLGWThe Future of Electric Syatem Reliability PDH
Aug 22Board MeetingBlack & Veatch Conference Room
Aug 28Kyle Hyneman P.E. - MLGWNERC - It's History and It's Affects on the Business of Electricity PDH
Sept 4NO MEETINGLabor Day
Sept 11Jeremy Mitchell3D Printing @ Cloud901
Sept 18Dr. Lyu Lin, CBU City of Memphis Drainage Improvement Plan and Drainage Hydrologic & Hydraulic Study PDH
Sept 25Dr. Siripong Malasri, Patrick McGinnis, etc.TJ Bot Workshop: A Nobox-IBM-CBU Partnership PDH
Sept 26Board Meeting5:30 Black & Veatch Conference Room
Oct 2Sam Kahel PE
MLGW Telecommunications Smart Meter Team
Smart Meters - Technical Background PDH
Oct 9NO MEETINGColumbus Day
Oct 16Jimmy Ogle
Official Shelby County Historian ...
Historic Memphis to Modern Memphis
Oct 23Ms. Becky Williamson
MLGW Strategic Marketing Coordinator
Solar Generation Update PDH
Oct 24Board Meeting5:30 Black & Veatch Conference Room
Oct 30Mr. Jim Warberg
MLGW Substation Project Coordinator
MLGW Electric Network-The World Down Under PDH
Nov 6Mark Peterson, PETensar, Design Mechanisms and Methodology of Geogrid PDH
Nov 13George BarnesLife Member Day - Introduction of Candidates for 2018 Directors
Nov 20NO MEETINGThanksgiving preparation day
Nov 27Jimmy Ogle
Official Shelby County Historian ...
Historic Memphis to Modern Memphis (Part 2)
Nov 28Board Meeting5:30 Black & Veatch Conference Room
Dec 1ECM CLUBChristmas Luncheon at the Holiday Inn
Dec 4No MeetingSome are still recovering from the Luncheon.
Dec 11Dr. Bob Hunt
Memphis District Corps of Engineers
Wolf River Control Structure and Stilling Basin PDH
Dec 18Stephen Edwards PE
City of Memphis
Integrating Complete Streets and Interim Design Strategies in Comprehensive Planning PDH
Dec 25No MeetingDUH!
Dec 26No Board MeetingDUH!