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  Program Archive - 2021

Jan 4Mike Ellicott, US Army (Retired)History of the Interstate Highway System PDH
Jan 11Peter Kauffman, PE, PTOE, AICP
Barge Design Solutions
Predicting Safety at the Design Stage: HSM and IHSDM PDH
Jan 18No MeetingMartin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Jan 25Club Officers & Committee ChairmenANNUAL MEETING - Status of the Club - New Directors take office
Jan 26Annual Board MeetingElection of Officers and assignment of program months
via Zoom
Feb 1John Buxton P.E. (Retired)History of the Erie Canal PDH
Feb 8Mike Ellicott, US Army (Retired)History of the Transcontinental Railroad PDH
Feb 17Engineers' Week KickoffProclamations & Awards
Feb 17 cont.Keynote Speaker: Brian Sullivan
FedEx Pilot - Fleet Standards Manager
MD11 Fleet Operations During the Pandemic PDH
Feb 22Mike Ellicott, US Army (Retired)History of the Hoover Dam PDH
Feb 23Board Meetingvia Zoom
Mar 1Walter Young, P.E. - Corrpro CompaniesCorrosion - What is it? What forms does it take? How is it controlled PDH
Mar 8Robbie Smith
Nashville Electric Service (NES)
What is Music City Solar PDH
Mar 15Paula Casey - Co-founder
Tennessee Woman Sufferage Heritage Trail
Memphis' Superb Suffragists: Engineering Democracy and Public Art
Mar 22Peter Hoerburger - System Engineer/Technical SalesComputer Controlled Architectural Lighting and Lighting of Landmark Structures PDH
Mar 23Board Meeting - 5:30 pmvia Zoom Click Here
Mar 29Jerry Collins, P.E.140 Years of Construction Projects in Shelby County PDH
Apr 5Walter Young, P.E. Corrpro Companies Corrosion Control and Mitigation, Part 2 PDH
Apr 12John Cameron P.E. - Allworld Project Management
Evan Boulanger P.E. - City of Memphis
Stormwater Management Projects in the Beltline Neighborhood PDH
Apr 19Mike Ellicott, USACE (Retired)Engineering Aspects of Doolittle Raid on Tokyo - April 18, 1942 PDH
Apr 26Stephen Edwards P.E.
City of Memphis Transportation Program Manager
Update on Current and Future Transportation Projects in Memphis PDH
Apr 27Board Meeting - 5:30 pmvia Zoom Click Here