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  Secretary's Corner

POB 770002, Memphis, TN 38177-0002

(901) 373-0352 - www.engineersclubofmemphis.com




Meetings are at Christian Brothers University, Central Ave. and East Parkway starting at 11:30 AM in the Sabbatini Lounge of the Thomas Center. Most likely available parking is in the east lot on Central. It will involve some exercise. The cafeteria opens at 11 AM.


Tony Pinson is the September program chairman. He is a licensed professional engineer in mechanical engineering in the state of Tennessee. Tony retired from Memphis Light Gas and Water Division after approximately 26 years in September of 2013.   

Tony Pinson Much Appreciated Sponsor Dr. Lin Mr. Chew



September 18, 2017:  Dr. Lyu Lin and Mr. Chee Chew, CBU, "City of Memphis Drainage Improvement Plan and Drainage Hydrologic & Hydraulic Study". PDH


September 25, 2017:  Dr. Siripong Malasri, Patrick McGinnis, etc., "TJ Bot Workshop: A Nobox-IBM-CBU Partnership". PDH


September 26, 2017: Board Meeting Board Meeting at 5:30 PM in the Black and Veatch conference room at 845 Crossover Lane, Suite 120.


We did have our first meeting at CBU. For those with Handicapped tags, there is some parking in the northern most row at the west end of main lot. For those who had to park in the east lot, the walk in enhanced the appetite. The walk out helped digestion. Busing the dishes had one impact. There was a tendency to bring back something else. There were two kinds of soup, not chicken noodle, and the cafeteria did not run out of ice cream.


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